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Montefalchese August
Montefalchese August - Montefalco (PG)

Montefalchese August is a renaissance commemoration of the 4 wards of the city: : Sant’Agostino, San Bartolomeo, San Fortunato and San Francesco, with parades and events about customs and traditions of that time.

Palio of terzieri
Palio of Terzieri - Città della Pieve (PG)

Historical commemoration of the ancient bull hunting, with archery competitions on mobile bulls shape, that event is precede by a medieval parade in which take part more than 700 figures.

Corciano Festival
Corciano Festival - Corciano (PG)

The festival proposes some commemorations about the customs of the 15th century, they have the purpose of represent the life in a medieval castle.

Gubbio no Borders
Gubbio no Borders - Gubbio (PG)

A festival which wants to understand from different point of view, the reality and actuality that surround us.

Mountain Week
Mountain Week - Costacciaro (PG)

A manifestation that takes part in the marvelous location of the Park of monte Cucco, the program consists in excursions, days in contact with nature, dancing shows and the best Umbrian kitchen.

Palio of Valfabbrica - Giostra d'Italia
Palio of Valfabbrica, Italy Joust - Valfabbrica (PG)

The event proposes historical medieval parades rich of figures and a lot of initiatives that involve the three wards of the city: Badia , Osteria and Pedicino. The manifestation opens with the delivery of the key to the major, which was a symbol of power, after 10 days of shows and parade there is the joust that proclaim the winner among the wards.

Umbria Folk Festival
Umbria Folk Festival - Orvieto (TR)

The folk, farmers, crafts and culinary traditions, the different cultures of near and far villages comparing and meeting themselves finding similarities sometimes unimaginable.