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international week of dance

In the picturesque cloister of St. Nicolò takes place the International Contest of Dance, recognized as one of the most important manifestations, for the development of the excellences in the art area by the Ministry of education. It has entered in the International Federation Ballet Competition, the unique Italian contest together with Premio Roma.

international boat racing

In the wonderful setting of Piediluco lake, in a natural scenery, surmounted by the rest of the fortress and medieval walls, every year takes place the International Boat Racing "Memorial Paolo D'Aloya", classic opening of the International agonistic season.

Cantamaggio Ternano

It is the folk festival that celebrates the return of the Spring, inserted in the context of the seasonal rites linked to the awaken of the nature after the stringencies of the winter, with the sings and the spectaculars allegoric chariots.

Assisi Antique Trade
Assisi Antique Trade

Shows and competition of antiques: a commission of experts examines and evaluates all the participants objects decreeing the best.

Ring Race - Narni (TR)
Ring Race - Narni (TR)

As every year, in Narni begins the traditional "Corsa Dell' Anello", a manifestation in honor of St.Giovenale, the patron of the city. It stands from the panorama of national historical festivals with the accuracy for all the details.

International Festival of Journalism
International Festival of Journalism - Perugia

Directors, journalits, Italian and foreign reports and exponents of the new media will be present in Perugia to have interviews, lessons, workshop, debates, book reviews, awards and shows.