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Umbriabooks - Perugia

Meetings and discussions with experts and VIPs for 3 days dedicated to culture.

Giostra della Quintana
Giostra della Quintana - Foligno (PG)

Jousting tournament and historical parade in medieval chlotes take part in Foligno; the joust consists in making some laps in the ancient stadium of Foligno "Campo de li Giochi" in the shortest time, inserting the ring hanging on a statue (the "Quintana") per 3 times without getting any penalties.

Corpus Domini Commemoration
Corpus Domini Commemoration

It is one of the most important liturgic commemoration, called also Solennità del Santissimo Corpo e Sangue Di Cristo (Commemoration of the Blessed Body and Blood of Jesus Christ). It is celebrate in the sunday after the blessed Trinity.

Corpus Domini's Infiorata
Corpus Domini's Infiorate

The wonderful Infioratas (pictures and carpets realized with flowers) are a spectacular vision for the Italian and foreign audience, they are the result of hard and complex work that takes days, weeks and in some cases months, obviously a significant part of the city is involved.

Market of Gaite
Mercato delle Gaite - Bevagna (PG)

During this manifestation, we go back to 7 centuries ago in medieval style of life. There is possible to taste different medieval typical meals, and visit a lot of workshops where are represented medieval jobs.

Festa della Palombella
Festa della Palombella - Orvieto (TR)

The feast foresees that, at 12:00 p.m., the bishop of Orvieto waves a white handkerchief from the balcony of Palazzo dell' Opera in the Cathedral. A white dove is released accompanied by the ringing of the bells.