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Umbrian Music Festival
Umbrian Music Festival - Perugia

The festival was founded in 1937, it consists of the union between the beauty of the more suggestive place of the soul and a rich musical program build on the historical and architectural feature of the different locations where the festival involvs.

Giostra della Quintana - the Revenge
Giostra della Quintana, the Revenge - Foligno (PG)

A series of events begin from 31 August and culminate with the spectacular joust and the challenge between horses and knights of the wards of the city.

National Exhibiton of Horse
National Exhibiton of Horse - Città di Castello (PG)

3 Days of the one of the most important event in Città di Castello to live intensely together hundreds of horses of different races; in fact, is possible to admire the wonderful Arab thoroughbreds and fine foals.

First Courses of Italy
First Courses of Italy - Foligno (PG)

National festival dedicated at the world of first courses in 26 locations placed in the historical centre of Foligno.

Perugia Science Fest
Perugia Science Fest - Perugia

The activities of this Festival develop trough a rich variety of languages and events, that involve different kind of audience. Shows, laboratory, meetings and debates about the world of science.

Giochi de le Porte
Giochi de le Porte - Gualdo Tadino (PG)

Returning of the ancient competitions alternating in four parts: firstly the donkeys race, secondly a sling strike tournament against ceramic dishes, thirdly archery tournament and at least but not last the contemporary riding of donkeys without any saddle.